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We Believe that Everyone Deserves to Love Where they Work, Shop and Dine
Empathica empowers employees and customers of leading brands to create places they love; turning transactions into great experiences, employees into owners and customers into advocates.

Empathica, a Mindshare Technologies company, is the leading provider of social Customer Experience Management (CEM) programs to the world’s most respected multi-unit brands in the retail, food services, automotive and hospitality sectors. Its rich analysis of survey data using state-of-the-art surveying and dashboard reporting software allows for performance-improvement solutions, evidence-based marketing insights, and customer experience management consulting.

Annually, Empathica’s 30 million customer surveys in 25 languages reach more than 80,000 locations in over 50 countries. A privately-held organization, Empathica is headquartered in Toronto, Canada with executive consultant offices throughout the United States and a European office in Birmingham, England. For more information about deriving actionable insights that enhance a brand’s operational excellence, visit Empathica at www.empathica.com.

Watch the following 2 minute videos for quick overviews of Empathica solutions:

Empathica CEM
Empathica GoRecommend

Management Team

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Business Development Team

Meet our Sales Executives

  • Steve Prodger  |  Vice President of Food Services  |  Los Angeles  | 
  • Idalia Agramonte  |  Director of Retail  |  Miami
  • Amy Brazil  |  Director of Retail  |  San Diego
  • Steve Raher  |  Business Development Director for International  |  Birmingham, UK
  • Nan Russell  |  Head of Global Centre of Excellence  |  Birmingham, UK
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Strategic Alliances

Key Sales and Technology Partners

  • Straight Shooter
  • Customer Service Profiles (CSP)
  • QlikTech International AB (QlikView)
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