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How to keep customers from feeling blue on Black Friday

Thanksgiving is around the corner and with it comes lots of turkey, football, and the official kick-off to the holiday shopping season. However, for many consumers the turkey dinner on Thursday isn’t the highlight of the holiday. For them the highlight is black Friday, the shopping day that follows.
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Deep Discounts - Retail Concept

What makes you different? How to get Strategic Insights from Feedback

We live in an age of information. More than just an interesting sounding catchphrase, businesses today are sitting on vast amounts of data, more than any other point in history. Data tracking internal processes, data tracking supply chains, and data tracking customers amongst others.
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Big Data

What Jeremy Lin can learn from Customer Experience Management

Whether on the basketball court or in the game of retail, consistency is often the key to rising above the competition. However, maintaining a level of consistent execution can be a challenge. CEM programs focus on helping brands to first uncover what elements are most important to a great experience, and also help brands with action driving tools to make sure those key elements are delivered on in a consistent manner.
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Basketball on Court

Are you serving up a helping of Christmas cheer?
The importance of Customer Experience Management during the festive period

Empathica Sr Director of client services for EMEA James Bolle explains the importance of customer experience management in the hospitality sector over the festive period.
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Christmas Cheer

How to drive Local Action with Social Media

The internet has changed the face of customer feedback. The web was first introduced to customer feedback as a better way to do surveys over a decade ago. These more flexible and easier to use surveys opened up a valuable new channel to collect both better and a higher volume of customer feedback data than ever before.
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10 lessons learned from 10 years improving customer experiences

Over 10 years working with leading global brands we’ve learned that sometimes it’s executing the basics well that allows brands to break through to new levels of success. Here are some of the key lessons we’ve taken from our retail and hospitality programmes on improving customer experiences.
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