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An Authoritative Voice on Economic Indicators for Consumer Behavior

The Empathica Consumer Insights Panel serves as an authoritative voice on economic indicators; the retail, financial services and restaurant industries; consumer shopping intentions and customer satisfaction as reported by thousands of consumers in the U.S. and Canada.

Results from Empathica’s Consumer Insights are published on a quarterly basis. The results are based on outbound Internet surveys with Empathica’s growing Insights Panel, derived from more than 30 million consumer surveys per year. Results have been weighted to reflect latest Census distributions in the U.S. and in Canada, including Region, Gender, Age and Income.

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Consumer Insights Press Releases


Wave 2 2012: Consumer Insights Panel Results

Empathica Consumer Insights Panel Cites One-Third of U.S. Consumers Anticipate Financial Improvement in Next Six Months

February 14, 2013


Study: Consumer Survey Ranks U.S. Pharmacies in Customer Service; Choice, Service and Trust Top Issues for Customers

December 13, 2012


Wave 1 2012: Consumer Insights Panel Results

Study: One in 10 Smartphone Owners Have Written a Review on a Website or Social Media Platform While In-Store

July 17, 2012

While 85 Percent of Shoppers Provide Feedback, Few Believe it Will Have an Impact

June 14, 2012

Big Box Retailers are Earning Visits on Price, But Losing on Great Experiences Say Majority of American Consumers

May 31, 2012

Study: American Consumers Reducing Spending on Most Categories Except Gas, Pharmacy and Grocery

May 17, 2012


Wave 2 – 2011: Consumer Insights Panel Results

One in Three Consumers Consider Highly Trained Employees the Most Important Factor When Making a Luxury Purchase

January 17, 2012

Survey Shows One in Three Consumers Made a Luxury Purchase Within the Last Six Months

January 12, 2012


Wave 1 – 2011: Consumer Insights Panel Results

Consumer Grocery Store Survey Reveals Wide Range of Satisfaction and Brand Preferences by Geography

September 14, 2011

According to Survey, Massachusetts Consumers Most Optimistic About Finances; Connecticut Least

August 23, 2011

Survey Shows North American Consumers Value Self-Checkouts Above All Other Grocery Store Technologies

August 8, 2011

Survey: 44% of Consumers Feel Grocery Store Customer Service Could be Improved

July 6, 2011

Survey: More Than Half of North Americans Report More Financial Difficulty Now Compared to Six Months Ago

June 27, 2011


Wave 3 – 2010: Consumer Insights Panel Results

Supermarkets Ranked First in Tech Adoption

March 29, 2011

Survey: Only One in Five Consumers Feel Quick-Serve Restaurants Successfully Use Technologies that Enhance Their Experience

March 24, 2011

Survey: Consumers More Optimistic Moving into 2011

January 31 2011

Survey: One in Four Consumers Have Recommended a Retailer Based on Their Use of New Technology

January 10, 2011


Wave 2 – 2010: Consumer Insights Panel Results

While Optimism for the Overall Economy has Declined, Survey Indicates a Slight Rise in Consumers’ Intentions to Spend

August 27, 2010


Wave 1 – 2010: Consumer Insights Panel Results

Survey: Restaurant Brand Loyalty Remains High Despite Declining Visits

March 8, 2010

Majority of U.S. Consumers: “Customer Service is Getting Worse”

February 12 , 2010

Empathica Consumer Insights Survey Indicates That When the Economy Turns, Women Make More Sacrifices Than Men

January 28 , 2010


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