Empathica Consumer Insights Panel:
2010 Year in Review

Analysis of U.S. & Canadian Consumer Behaviors and Sentiments

Executive Summary

In 2010, the Empathica Consumer Insights Panel surveyed up to 15,000 North American consumers for each of its three waves of data. Findings revealed consumer spending patterns, customer service perceptions, use of social media and new retail technologies, as well as consumer preferences in the financial services and restaurant industries. In light of the current economic climate, the results of these surveys provide valuable insight into the underlying trends in consumer spending behaviors and their multi-channel experience with brands.

Several noteworthy findings were found from analyzing the 2010 data on consumer perceptions around economic and banking channel topics, as well as their adoption and use of social media and retail technologies. The report discusses the following findings:

  • Economic Outlook
  • Customer Service Perceptions
  • Financial Services Industry Insights
  • Restaurant Industry Insights
  • Social Media Behavior
  • Use of New Retail Technologies
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