Empathica Consumer Insights Panel:
Consumer Feedback Behaviors

Analysis of U.S. Consumer Feedback Behaviors

Executive Summary

The Wave 1 2012 Empathica Consumer Insights Panel surveyed more than 6,500 U.S. consumers, evaluating consumer perceptions on topics ranging from customer feedback behaviors to the use of technology in retail shopping experiences. The Consumer Insights Panel survey was conducted in the context of a broader study of consumer shopping intentions and customer satisfaction as reported by thousands of consumers across the country.

The survey showed that while consumers provide ongoing feedback to brands, many of them feel that the message is not getting through. Results showed that consumers are extremely willing to offer feedback, with more than four out of five respondents indicating that they have provided at least some form of feedback to retailers. However, just 46 percent of consumers believe that brands actually use feedback to improve customer experiences, and only 52 percent believe that retailers share feedback with local stores.

The Consumer Insights Panel also revealed the ways in which technology is reshaping the retail experience. Half of consumers with smartphones confirm that they have used their devices to perform online reviews or mobile price comparisons while in-store. Although price comparisons are the most common mobile activity in-store (55% of smartphone users), consumers are increasingly using their devices to scan QR codes (34%) or write online product reviews (9%).

In the area of brand advocacy and referrals, social media is having an undeniable influence on purchase decisions. The study showed that three-quarters of consumers have used Facebook to help make retail or restaurant decisions, and approximately half of consumers have selected a new retailer or restaurant based on a recommendation they received via social media.

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