Wave 2 2010 Key Trends

The below numbers are from the Wave 2 2010 – Empathica Consumer Insights Panel. Results from Empathica’s Consumer Insights, led by Dr. Gary Edwards and Empathica’s Consumer Insights’ team, are based on outbound Internet surveys with Empathica’s growing Insights Panel, derived from more than 30 million consumer surveys per year. Results have been weighted to reflect latest Census distributions in the U.S. and in Canada, including Region, Gender, Age and Income.

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Consumers are less optimistic about the overall economy

Consumers are spending more in this economy compared to last year

Consumers say that Customer Service is Getting Worse in the US and Canada

Age Impacts Customer Service Perceptions

What is the #1 Social Media Online Activity

Recommendations via social media drive offline behavior

What is the preferred channel for routine transactions?

What is the preferred channel for problem resolution?