Sector-Specific Expertise to Address Your Needs

Food Services

Empathica’s customer experience management solutions for food service operators helps focus locations on what’s most important to their guests to increase overall satisfaction and drive brand advocacy. We understand that operators need to deliver an experience that will keep guests coming back, spend more when they visit, and recommend the brand to friends, family and co-workers. To do so the brand experience needs to stand apart from competitors. This means the product and service expectations of customers must always be met or exceeded at each location, every day.

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Empathica provides retailers with tools to create exceptional retail experiences that deliver on the brand promise. Our customer experience management solutions can help turn brand neutral consumers into active advocates. Our multi-faceted approach allows us to tailor a solution to the needs of any organization.

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The landscape for automotive manufacturers, dealerships and service centers has undergone dramatic change in recent years, altering consumer perceptions of brands and the manner in which they make purchase decisions. Traditional media now has a fraction of the influence it once had, and word of mouth particularly through social media, has now become one of the primary resources people rely on when making vehicle purchase decisions.

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Empathica brings a highly strategic yet deeply practical approach to customer experience management for the grocery industry. Our area of expertise is helping organizations transform customers from being merely satisfied to becoming brand loyal, and finally, to becoming brand advocates – a lift  that will continue to deliver greater customer revenue over time. This is achieved through continuous measurement, analysis, and reporting of customer satisfaction and attitudes across key areas of each of our clients’ stores, in every department.

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With more than a decade of experience under our belt with Customer Experience Management (CEM) programs, Empathica has been able to devise a program specific to the healthcare industry that captures honest feedback directly from the patient. In return, medical facilities and staff can gain the necessary actionable insights to drive change for quality of care improvements for patients in the areas that need it the most. Our comprehensive Patient Experience Management program offers a number of key elements that help medical facilities improve patient quality of care for a better experience and outcome.

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Banking & Insurance

Empathica helps financial institutions increase profitability by enabling them to measure, manage and improve the quality of their customers’ brand experience. To deliver this performance improvement, we combine robust Customer Experience Management technology with our expertise in retail marketing science.  This combination can help you understand and act on the voice of the customer in a deeper and more meaningful way than traditional transaction based customer satisfaction programs – improving not only satisfaction and loyalty, but also building a base of loyal advocates who help propel business performance.

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