The landscape for automotive manufacturers, dealerships and service centers has undergone dramatic change in recent years, altering consumer perceptions of brands and the manner in which they make purchase decisions. Traditional media now has a fraction of the influence it once had, and word of mouth particularly through social media, has now become one of the primary resources people rely on when making vehicle purchase decisions.

In an era where consumers have watched some automotive brands disappear before their eyes, it stands to reason that consumers are now putting their trust almost exclusively in their own experiences and relationships – and those of trusted friends. A rich opportunity exists for business owners in the automotive sector to take advantage of the same digital channels that their customers use. Forward thinking auto dealers are focusing on improving their dealership experiences in order to develop brand advocacy, and build lasting and valuable relationships across their dealer network.

The Solution

Empathica has created Customer Experience Management solutions for over 200 brands around the world, using the latest technology and proprietary tools to help them connect with their customers and convert them into active brand advocates. What we have found is that 80% of customers across segments have a positive impression with brands – what is needed is an easy way for them to focus on what matters most to them, consistently deliver on service expectations, and grow their base of active advocates on social media.

GoRecommend, our social media advocacy solution, is at the heart of Empathica’s Automotive solution set – a fully customizable program that enables you to use current customer feedback to improve the brand experience at touchpoints throughout the customer journey. GoRecommend operates on a simple principle: ask customers about their experiences, identify those who are highly satisfied with the brand and likely to recommend it to friends and family, and then give them the immediate opportunity to do so in a seamless fashion via their social networks.

The complete program consists of a number of components developed to provide dealerships with up-to-date, unbiased and actionable customer feedback:

  • Relevant surveys provide you with customer feedback in four main areas: new and pre-owned sales, service department, website and showroom visits.
  • Reports/results available online for all surveys with data segmented by survey, date, region and hierarchy, among other options.
  • GoRecommend invitations to advocacy appears at the conclusion of all surveys, at which point each advocate is invited to join up via Facebook, email, and Twitter in order to share positive experiences and recommendations with their peers.
  • Real-time Customer Rescue enables dealers to contact customers requiring problem resolution in a timely and personal fashion.
  • Real-time Hot Prospect Alert facilitates contact with dealership visitors who have indicated a high intent to purchase.

Here’s how it works for each dealership:

Advocates spread positive messages about the brand


In a sector where traditional advertising is contributing less to purchasing decisions, Empathica’s GoRecommend Advocacy Engine is a powerful and cost-effective way for dealerships to increase brand awareness, capture customer experience information, identify “red hot” prospects, and drive traffic.

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