The complexity and scope of managing a single grocery store, let alone a chain, is difficult to overstate. The demands placed on grocers today have never been greater: the economic climate has made customers even more price sensitive in a sector where price has always been a top-of-mind consideration. At the same time, consumers are more aware and discerning than ever before, as they educate themselves through traditional and digital media on not only price and availability, but also green, local and organic products.

As always, the competition is rarely farther away than the next block. And the playing field isn’t level, as larger chains find their customer base threatened by specialty grocers and boutiques as well as supermarket chains with more access to high-quality private label products. Brand differentiation and customer experience are the keys to loyalty and increased basket size. And yet every single customer walks in the door with a unique set of priorities and expectations – that are impacted by many factors.

The Solution

Empathica brings a highly strategic yet deeply practical approach to customer experience management for the grocery industry. Our area of expertise is helping organizations transform customers from being merely satisfied to becoming brand loyal, and finally, to becoming brand advocates – a lift  that will continue to deliver greater customer revenue over time. This is achieved through continuous measurement, analysis, and reporting of customer satisfaction and attitudes across key areas of each of our clients’ stores, in every department.

  • Delivery of data insights linked to each functional area bring the customer experience to the centre of your organization.
  • Loyalty Modeling enables us to identify and prioritize the key paths to loyalty for your customers, providing clear priorities and direction to your associates.
  • Store-by-store reporting helps you align and drive the customer experience from the ground up. Our patent pending Prescriptive Reporting solution lets you measure various experiences in different stores simultaneously, helping develop and improve local marketing and customer experience management initiatives.
  • Within store reporting by department, including what drives great experiences within each area of responsibility.
  • Customer WOWs and alerts help identify great store experiences and any immediate problems as they arise – so you can address them immediately.
  • Our social media advocacy solution GoRecommend helps you to identify advocates and mobilize them to amplify their positive experiences across their social networks.

Empathica’s expertise in the food and grocery industry has allowed us to develop programs that bring value to all aspects of our clients’ business, including Marketing, Store Operations, CRM, Customer Loyalty/Analytics, and Merchandising. Our Customer Experience Management program can help you align your people and processes with your customers’ needs at the store level, enabling you to implement and reinforce behaviors that drive positive customer perceptions. We can then show you how to turn satisfied customers into brand advocates who can then broadcast their positive experiences to their peers through numerous social media channels.

Industry Expertise

Steve Raher, Business Development Director for EMEA  |  Birmingham, UK

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