All retailers share the same goals.  They want to increase the amount of customer visits, grow their basket size, and create brand advocates.  Though these goals are clear, achieving them can be a challenge, particularly in a poor economy. Add growing competition from both the usual challengers and new entrants and the result is a “new world” for retailers.

While the economy is starting to show signs of life, consumers are still being cautious with their spending. The added challenge for retailers is that because people are shopping less, what they expect for the quality of each shopping experience has increased. They have become more sensitive than ever to price, demanding even greater value in return for their business. In addition, with sales results under pressure, stores have had to cut back on labor to protect their bottom line but they can only go so far without negatively affecting the customer experience.

Today’s consumer is proving far more loyal to the shopping experience itself than to individual brands. Their primary criteria for shopping experiences are value and service. To compound matters, competition in the retail sector is fierce. Consumers have a growing range of retailers to choose from if they choose to defect. And since the vast majority of retailers are unable to compete on price alone, they’re being forced to step up their level of service in order to stay in the game.

As an added challenge for retailers, consumers now have easy access to research, reviews and recommendations. The internet and mobile devices, allow them to share brand experiences – good, bad and ugly – with their peers, with the click of a button.

The Solution

Empathica provides retailers with tools to create exceptional retail experiences that deliver on the brand promise. Our customer experience management solutions can help turn brand neutral consumers into active advocates. Our multi-faceted approach allows us to tailor a solution to the needs of any organization.

  • Customer Journey/Loyalty Mapping enables you to find the critical elements of the customer journey for brand differentiation and identify the key drivers of brand loyalty for your customers.
  • Customer & Employee Surveys allows you to hear the voice of your customers and employees and understand how well your organization is meeting their expectations – and develop action plans to address any issues quickly and effectively.
  • Prescriptive Reporting enables you to identify and improve the elements of the customer experience that have the greatest impact on improving customer loyalty.
  • Analyst Suite provides intuitive access to the data Business Analysts need for ad hoc data queries, analysis and presentation assembly. It allows for day-to-day operational reporting, analysis of pattern and trends across segments and determining strategic insights and brand impacts.
  • Social Media Integration gives you the tools to reach out and mobilize your most valuable asset – your brand advocates.

Industry Expertise

Steve Raher, Business Development Director for EMEA  |  Birmingham, UK

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