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Successful organizations grow in their early days by actively listening to their new customers, reporting what matters to stakeholders, and acting quickly on what they are hearing. Unfortunately, as businesses continue to grow what often happens is that customers become more demanding (the market matures) while the ability to listen, report effectively and respond to their demands becomes more challenging. Along with this challenge, companies find that they have to regroup on whether they are asking the right questions, properly prioritizing the concerns of their customers and effectively addressing these in order to maintain growth.  In order to truly transform their business, they need an advanced and well planned Customer Experience Management solution.

There are many vendors who can collect and deliver data and reports.  The bigger challenge is to find a service provider who can turn that data into useful information for frontline managers.  Taking this information and creating an actionable program for a brand is the key to driving strategic direction on an ongoing basis.

Not many brands can compete on price alone – and as a result, have chosen to focus on the customer experience as a key point of difference for their brands. The opportunity is clear – an organization that is focused on the most important elements of the customer experience at all times across all locations can win. The result is a loyal base of customers who are passionate about your brand and become active advocates on your behalf.

The Solution: Empathica products and services that empower you to transform your brand.

Businesses thrive on change, and the most successful brands are the ones which are most responsive to the evolving demands of their customers.  These businesses are constantly seeking opportunities to improve. What sets Empathica apart from other Customer Experience Management solutions is not only an understanding of the key drivers of loyalty for our clients’ brands, but a suite of highly practical tools and services that enable staff to move from simply reading reports to implementing data based action on an ongoing basis to improve the experience for their customers.

Our tailored programs are designed to produce powerful solutions that are unique to each client and brand.  In addition, detailed quarterly program reviews help ensure that your CEM solution is always as responsive as your brand – continually seeking out the brand insights that help enable brand transformation.

Here are just a few of Empathica’s innovative products and services:

  • Customer Journey Mapping: Empathica works with clients to find the critical “moments of truth” on the customer journey. These are the key points at which processes can be modified in order to positively influence the customer experience. Customer journey mapping helps provide insight into where customer experience can be improved upon.  These are the key opportunities for your brand to stand above the others. Your brand’s tailored customer journey map provides a starting point for understanding how new insights, drawn from customer and employee feedback, can help refine and drive strategy.
  • Loyalty Modeling: Loyalty models are developed using advanced path analytic statistical analysis techniques.  These measure survey data against the customer journey map to determine the true drivers of loyalty within your customer base.  Loyalty modeling provides powerful insight into specific questions about customers’ experiences with your brand.  We drill down to specific demographics to help you discover what inspires loyalty to your brand in a particular segment, as well as determining key characteristics of your most loyal customers.
  • On-Demand Analysis and Insights: Empathica’s reporting and analysis tools are designed to make data extraction and trend analysis fast and easy.  Intuitive, role-based reporting ensures that the most current customer data available is accessible to key individuals at all levels of your organization.  From executives and analysts to managers and team members, everyone can access the right data at the moment it’s needed. Our “Right Time Reporting” features customer loyalty dashboards, brand insights and performance alerts. Target-appropriate formats range from mobile reporting to highly structured documentation and ad-hoc research.
  • Employee Engagement: Fully engaged employees deliver inspired customer service which drives profits. Period. Empathica’s Employee Engagement solution allows clients to connect with their most important asset – their employees – to ensure their voices are being heard, and effective action plans put into place and communicated by management. This means good employees stay with the company longer and continue to provide great service to your customers.
  • GoRecommend: Empathica’s patent-pending social media advocacy solution provides businesses with the means to take customer experience management to the next logical step. By making it easier for your best customers to share their positive experiences and impressions through Twitter, Facebook and email, you can turn brand advocates into a motivated, cost-effective marketing force.

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