Advocacy Management

The Challenge

The Opportunity

A sure sign of success for any organization is to have customers who are advocates for your brand. After all, your biggest “brand fans” are going to be the ones who visit your locations more and spend more money. But more than that, they’re going to tell everyone they know how great your brand is. In fact, advocates are twice as likely to share information on products and services with their social networks and 75% more likely to tell others about any great experiences they’ve had with a product or service.

And since 90% of consumers trust recommendations from their friends when it comes to making a purchase decisions (and 2/3 look to their Facebook friends for recommendations), ensuring your best customers are happy can only lead to more new customers.

The Solution

It’s no secret that consumers trust the word of their friends, family and coworkers over any website or marketing campaigns you might implement – no matter how compelling or creative those campaigns are. With our Advocacy Management solution, we can help you capitalize on your best customers and turn them into strong advocates for your brand.

Using our proprietary Advocacy Management process, we’ll help you identify brand advocates amongst your customer base, provide recommendations based on their experiences and help you develop campaigns that will encourage advocate customers to spread the word to their own social networks.

We’ll help you achieve:

  • High Conversion Rate: Up to 1/3 of satisfied customers will become brand advocates
  • Social Media Reach: Recommendations on social media can be instantly shared with friends and followers on Facebook
  • Action: Click through rates up to 10x higher than online web advertising (as they are from a trusted source – the customer’s friends!)

Plus, 25-50% of brand advocates will:

  • Like the brand on Facebook
  • Follow the brand on Twitter
  • Join the brand’s email fan club

Finally (and most important), we’ll provide you with measurable results and a demonstrable return on your customer experience investment.

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