Mobilize your Brand Advocates

The Challenge


The Opportunity

Imagine how powerful social media programs would be if:

  • Your satisfied customers could effortlessly become advocates and instantly generate positive word of mouth to all their friends
  • There was a 10:10 rule you could mine: click through rates up to 10x higher for 1/10 the cost of other online advertising mediums
  • Targeted messages and offers could be delivered by your customer brand advocates to drive traffic, coupon redemptions and purchase trial
  • Facebook fan page members, Twitter followers and email club databases could be exponentially grown with no additional effort and minimal spend

The Solution

GoRecommend™ is a patented social media advocacy solution that converts your satisfied customers into active brand advocates through their social networks.

Identify your brand advocates:

At the moment of truth, when they have just had an experience with the brand determine which customers are satisfied with their experience and which are likely to recommend the experience to their networks. Target advocates’ recommendations based on what was outstanding about their visit or what they purchased. Build active social media recommendations unique to advocates experiences with:

  • Location visited
  • Item ordered or product purchased
  • Service personnel who did an outstanding job
  • Event attended

Amplify their message:

  • Drive positive, authentic recommendations shared via Facebook, Twitter and email
  • Deliver coupons, campaigns and promotions shared via Empathica converted customer brand advocates to the social graph
  • Enable advocacy to help your marketing machine by embedding a real-time advocate feed of recommendations on your home page, Facebook page or other brand assets to leverage advocates’ recommendations

Extend the relationship:

  • Grow your Facebook fans, Twitter followers and email databases without additional effort
  • Drive positive reviews for your locations on social review sites such as Yelp, TripAdvisor and Google+
  • Develop a community of brand advocates
  • Measure their impact:
    • Track advocate conversion click through rates, redemptions
    • Build out a measurable base of active advocates, not just passive “like” fans
real-time social advocate feed

The real-time social advocate feed allows a brand to re-use the voice of their own customers to become their marketing message. Click on image to enlarge.


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