Customer Experience

The Challenge

The Challenge with Customer Experience

The Opportunity

“Marketing brings them in, operations brings them back.” The old adage holds true now more than ever as customers have become an essential part of the marketing team. The fact that people trust recommendations from their friends far more than those they receive from third-party sources isn’t new. What has changed recently is the reach and speed that a single recommendation can have, particularly when voiced through social media channels. A customer experience anecdote that once took weeks to reach a dozen people now takes seconds to reach hundreds. And one of the biggest challenges for retailers is that today’s digitally connected consumers are far more vocal about their negative experiences than their positive ones. All this means that the companies that consistently listen to their customers – and focus on the delivering the service elements that have the highest impact on customer loyalty – will succeed. Those that ignore this essential truth will find out the hard way.  Dissatisfied customers can quickly become brand detractors and tell the world about their poor service experiences.

And while traditional media is taking a back seat to peer recommendation when it comes to influencing consumer decisions about products and services, peer recommendations are driven by the customer experience. Direct interaction between the staff and the customer is the place where brand identities are forged. The challenge for today’s business owners is to harness the power of their highly satisfied customers and empower them to become active brand advocates.

The Solution

Empathica’s advanced Customer Experience Management solutions give brands and business owners the ability to capture information about customer experiences and transform them into actionable information for use in improving operations across locations. We work with you to determine the loyalty drivers specific to your business, mapping out the key elements to what constitutes a great experience with your brand. By combining deep sector knowledge with industry-leading analytics and insights capabilities, we can help you hone in on what is truly valuable to your customers.

A custom-tailored CEM solution from Empathica can help you to:

  • Focus the business on key drivers of the customer experience
  • Retain current customers
  • Increase visit frequency
  • Attract new customers
  • Turn your workforce and customers into brand advocates

Through our suite of industry leading products and services including Loyalty Modeling, Prescriptive Reporting, and our GoRecommend social media advocacy engine, Empathica enables employees and customers of leading brands to create places they love – turning transactions into great experiences, employees into owners and customers into advocates.

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What can CEM do for my business? 
Watch the following 2 minute video for a quick overview of customer experience management.

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