Analyst Suite

Answer the Hard Questions in Minutes Instead of Days

The Challenge

The Opportunity

The role of the corporate business analyst is a tough one. Issues come from all directions – C-level executives, operations group, marketing, and of course the front line…  They all have good questions. The problem is, the answers often lie deep in databases and getting to the crux of the issue has in the past often been agonizingly slow.

In a lot of large organizations, the process works something like this:

  • Customer experience program findings are presented to senior management
  • During the meeting, a difficult (but perfectly reasonable!) answer is posed to the analyst – “The data you present here is very interesting. Do your national findings also hold true in the Southeast region over the past six months among our most frequent customers?”
  • The analyst then says “Good question. Let me get back to you on that…” and so begins a process involving:
    • Extracting the data from the CEM database
    • Loading the data into a statistical software platform like SPSS or Cognos
    • Cleansing and/or re-aggregating the data
    • Running the required analysis in the stats tool
    • Exporting the findings to Excel
    • Building Excel graphs/charts to summarize the findings
    • Copying the graph into a PowerPoint presentation
    • Presenting the answer/findings back to the executives

The problem is that by this time, the person who asked the question has probably forgotten about it as it took anywhere from two to five days to come up with the answer!

Alternative business analyst approaches, such as having the CEM data stream into traditional Business Intelligence (BI) platforms like Cognos or Microstrategies also are found wanting. These standard BI tools are not able to perform both the aggregation needs (unit weighting up an organizational hierarchy) next to alternatives in segment, time and scoring creation options. Lastly, although Excel has come a long way, any attempt to build out pivot tables capable of handling millions of data records in multiple dimensions of time and hierarchy for this kind of analysis quickly leads to hours (and sometimes days!) of processing time.

The Solution

The Analyst Suite delivers all of the CEM data in pre-built data views that match analyst needs. The solution delivers hierarchical, longitudinal and alternative scoring data views, with the ability to create new segments, variables and scoring methods on-the-fly. This gives analysts the flexibility they need to support ad hoc analysis in lightning fast time!

  • Analyst Suite allows business analysts to:
    • Easily extract data for performance reporting
    • Analyze trends across segments
    • Discover strategic insights and brand impact
    • Answer data-driven questions quickly and easily

Using an “in-memory” BI system, all data across multiple hierarchies, time, segment and scoring methods are available for on-the-fly analysis.

Data extraction and cleansing goes away as an issue immediately… Empathica’s Analyst Suite is linked directly to the underlying data model so there is no opportunity for programming or human error in data access.

Processing time is dramatically reduced. What used to take days now takes minutes; what took hours now just seconds.

And most importantly, ability and time to analyze is now completely in the hands of the corporate data analyst: no more calls out or queues for getting important questions answered!