Customer Experience Reporting

The Challenge

The Opportunity

There are a number of stakeholders who have a unique interest in how your brand performs and the progress of customer experience initiatives. But you don’t want people sitting around looking at reports– they need to receive the right information at the right level of detail at the right time to drive effective action to address what’s most important to your customers. Clearly a one-size-fits-all reporting solution just isn’t going satisfy their unique requirements. Each stakeholder group has different needs to run their part of the business:

  • Executives want a high level snapshot of how the brand is performing overall across all locations (overall customer experience and satisfaction), operational performance (loyalty drivers), as well as visit behaviour and response rates.
  • Analysts are looking for reports that enable them to view performance and variance analysis to determine what progress they are making as a brand, what is really important to the customer and what locations need the most help.
  • Field Managers want performance results that will help them compare different areas and locations.  They need to be able to act on strategic goals and customer concerns, and rectify issues on site. These results can also aid them in recognizing excellent employee performance.
  • Location Managers require insight into location-specific operational statistics.  Their focus is improving location performance and executing on a tactical plan in order to do so.
  • Team Members should be rewarded for outstanding efforts.  Keep your employees engaged and build brand advocacy.

The Solution

Our Business Insights solution takes reporting to the place where it needs to be –focusing every level of the organization on meaningful changes to the customer experience – and tracking the company’s progress against goals.

We offer a wide range of reporting solutions to satisfy everyone from your top executives and analysts, through to managers and employees.  We recognize that each of these individuals has unique expectations and we cater to their reporting requirements using a variety of reporting tools and processes, including:

  • Dashboards and Flash Boards. An executive summary report that summarizes the results across the company and progress against corporate goals identified with Empathica
  • Analyst Suite. A business intelligence platform which provides intuitive access to the data Business Analysts need for ad hoc data queries, analysis and presentation assembly. It allows for day to day operational reporting, analysis of pattern and trends across segments and determining strategic insights and brand impacts. 
  • Mobile Reporting. This solution gives field managers easy access to actionable information right at their fingertips through a web-based solution. They’re able to retrieve information from any smartphone, getting immediate access to performance reports and the ability to compare to other locations. Mobile Reporting also provides access to customer comments so they can address issues immediately or recognize excellent employee performance through employee WOW comments.
  • Prescriptive Reporting. Provides a detailed statistical analysis that prescribes treatment based on the behaviours most likely to change the true cause of issues reported by customers. Each report is location-specific and allows you to focus on the most important customer experience issues at specific locations.
  • Customer WOWs. Allow you to view customer comments regarding an employee’s exceptional service and promote at the store or area level.

Ultimately, Empathica’s Business Insights solution will provide each stakeholder with actionable reports that focus on achieving a high business impact on the things that matter most to your customers.