Customer Survey

The Challenge


The Opportunity

Capturing honest feedback that represents a broad spectrum of your customers is essential to an effective customer experience management program. But getting the “perfect sample” has always presented a challenge. What if your response rates aren’t high enough?  Or perhaps your response mechanism doesn’t match how your customers want to provide feedback.  Your survey results won’t give the accurate picture you need if only some customers feel they have a way to communicate back their reviews and feedback on the experience.

Today’s consumers have come to expect both choice and convenience providing feedback to brands. The same flexibility and choice that brands strive to offer in their products need to be reflected in communication and response channels.

The Solution

Empathica’s Customer Experience Management solution incorporates a variety of flexible survey methods that integrate seamlessly with your brand experience. The survey strategy, like the surveys themselves, are tailored to each client or brand’s needs, with traditional POS invitations offered alongside the modern response innovations such as QR codes and Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR). Available survey methods include:

QR Codes and Mobile Surveys: Guests are invited to participate through in-location signage and/or printed invitations with a recognizable scan-able code. Respondents can scan the code on their mobile device, and be given a focused, streamlined survey that they can enter while the details of the experience are top-of-mind.

Point-of-Sale Invitations: The survey invitation is printed directly onto the invoice at the point of sale.  Combined with transactional information printed on the receipt, each invitation contains an identifier, such as a unique code, which is then used by the guest to gain “unique” entry to the survey.  These invitations can be combined with re-printed POS cash register receipts and/or a colorful “wrap around” receipt holder that calls attention to the program.

Printed Invitation Cards: Full-color pre-printed cards are handed to guests along with their receipts. These invitations are well-suited to locations or service areas within the business where additional responses are required, such as car-side “to go” service. A unique 10-digit certificate code links each invitation back to the specific retail location.

Multiple Mode Data Acquisition: Combining IVR and Web for data collection has proven to be the most cost effective method of collecting survey data, and consistently produces the most comprehensive results. Customers can participate via Web, IVR or any mobile device, and have the option of connecting to a live person during a survey, through online chat, VOIP, or by connecting to a call center through IVR.