Empathica LocalTM

The Challenge


The Opportunity

Imagine the growth opportunity for your brand if:

  • Your customer experience management program provided accountability to location managers?
  • You knew which elements of the customer experience would have the biggest impact on driving loyalty and advocacy?
  • Location managers were able to coach their teams on exactly what issues to focus on and how to fix them?
  • Your brand had a living library of best practices owned by local managers and  shared across all locations?
  • Your locations could see all their customer feedback, from surveys to online reviews, all in one place?


Customer experience management programs don’t work if your locations ignore them. Empathica Local is the only customer experience management product that eliminates the need for complex reports. It helps brands to deliver a consistent experience across all locations by empowering local managers to know what to fix and how to execute.

Empathica Local is the only customer experience product built from the ground up to suit the day-to-day needs of location managers. It leverages patent-pending prescriptive reporting technology, and features a community-sourced content of best practices.

Drive location level performance and take your customer experience management program to the next level through:

  • Simple, clear information that engages your location
  • Localized “focus area” selection that aligns each location with its own specific problem areas and opportunities
  • Editable action plans that empower location managers to  coach their staff and drive behavioral change
  • Community-sourced best practices that adapt to changing conditions
  • Status monitoring that allows locations to track progress
  • Text analytics on all customer feedback that identify key trends and issues for each location



Smashburger Case Study

Location Engagement with Customer Experience ManagementRead how one of America’s hottest new restaurant concepts is utilizing Empathica Local to deliver great customer experiences at each and every location of their business.

The results with Smashburger are impressive:

  • 5.5% improvement in guest satisfaction
  • 8% improvement in areas of focus
  • 12,000 social media recommendations
  • 2 million impressions of positive recommendations
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