Employee Engagement

The Challenge

The Opportunity

Your employees set the tone for your company and your brand. They are the ones on the front lines, interacting with customers on a daily basis. When they’re fully engaged with their job, they become passionate advocates who have a positive effect on the customer experience. When they’re not engaged, they can become liabilities to your brand.

Today’s companies are facing a number of employee engagement issues including:

  • A communication gap that exist between generations. Namely, the people at the front line serving customers, are skeptical against executive entitlements
  • A new workforce with open acceptance of questioning authority
  • A lack of loyalty – no one’s in for the long haul anymore. There are too many opportunities for workers to switch to new retail/restaurant jobs
  • Employees with shorter attention spans
  • There’s less face-to-face interaction with the emergence of online communities

Yet, if you were to give your organization a voice, you might be surprised at how loyal and engaged your employees can become.

The Solution

Empathica talks to over one million employees of multi-unit retailers each year.  We use the feedback we get to gather insights and measure levels of employee engagement.  These insights and the actions they prescribe can help determine future commitment, retention and recruitment levels.

Here is how we approach employee engagement at Empathica:

  • Measure the effect of key drivers, such as relationship with a direct manager, pride and belief in the brand, ability to learn and grow and to have a voice in how customers are treated
  • Establish an ongoing dialogue with employees in order to give the enterprise “course correcting” moments based on continuous feedback
  • Re-engage and rescue dissatisfied employees before they leave

We gather feedback anonymously from employees through multiple methodologies, online, mobile and text.  With the responses we receive, Empathica identifies opportunities at all levels of the enterprise and helps focus on the necessary actions from each stakeholder group to create a great, engaging and productive work environment.   In harnessing employee involvement, we create a greater sense of ownership and brand advocacy that will result in more positive customer experiences and increased revenue.   At Empathica we believe everyone deserves to love where they work, shop and dine.

Additional Resource

Whitepaper:  Focusing your Workforce on the Moment of Truth

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