Employee Engagement Reporting

The Challenge

The Opportunity

Everyone, at all levels of an organization, wants to know the pulse of the employees and their level of engagement.  Disengaged employees can literally bring a brand to its proverbial knees. Within the organization, each manager needs to be equipped with this information at the right level of detail at the right time.  When that happens, every manager can set an action plan to help drive the business forward.  A one-size-fits-all employee reporting approach will not fit the bill. A customized version addressing the right questions for key stakeholder groups in the organization is essential for success.

  • Executives want to know the “compass heading” for their brand with regard to employee engagement and loyalty.
  • HR professionals are looking for reports that enable them to measure employee engagement and loyalty across the metrics most important to the brand.   They want real-time participation tracking and the ability to drill down through the data to view the scores across all levels of the company.
  • Multi-Unit Managers want to act on strategic goals and employee concerns.  They need to be able to quickly identify the best in class as well as the underperforming locations.  This results in a better ability to leverage best practices across their region, area or district.
  • Location Managers require a set of action plans along with the reports to identify performance gaps and coaching opportunities.

The Solution

Empathica’s Employee Engagement Reporting solution takes reporting to the place where it needs to be.  We focus on every level of the organization and on how to make meaningful changes to the internal culture.  We then track these trends against the company’s strategic goals.

We offer a wide range of reporting solutions customized to the unique needs of the company.  Everyone from top executives and HR professionals, through to regional and local managers want access to employee data.  We recognize however, that each of them has a unique expectation.  As a result we use a variety of reporting tools and processes to cater to their requirements.

Available reporting methods include:

  • Dashboards and Customized Scoreboards.  An executive summary report that summarizes the local results while comparing against the company results and progress against corporate goals.
  • Mobile Reporting.  This gives multi-unit managers easy access to actionable information right at their fingertips through a web-based solution. They are able to retrieve information from any smartphone or tablet, getting immediate access to engagement reports and the ability to compare to other locations.  Mobile Reporting also provides access to customer comments so they can recognize excellent employee performance through employee WOW comments.
  • Prescriptive Reporting.  Provides a detailed statistical analysis that prescribes treatment based on the behaviours most likely to change the true cause of issues reported by employees. Each report is location-specific and allows you to focus on the most important employee engagement issues at each location.
  • Customer WOWs.  Allow you to view customer comments regarding an employee’s exceptional service and promote at the store or area level.

Empathica’s Employee Engagement reporting solution provides each stakeholder with actionable reports that focus on getting the most impact from your most valuable asset – your employees.