Employee Survey

The Challenge

The Opportunity

Engaged employees make for financially productive organizations.  Yet not all employees are overly enthusiastic about their jobs. In fact, about 20% of employees at any given company are actively disengaged. Executives and managers who ignore this issue do so at their own risk.  Engaged employees are key to a superior customer experience – and satisfied customers are repeat customers.
Engaged employees:

  • Understand and support their organization’s goals
  • Take more ‘ownership’ of their work
  • Work smarter and more productively
  • Know more about their organization’s products and services
  • Provide outstanding customer service by anticipating customer needs
  • Become advocates for the brand by recruiting new employees and customers

Employee Engagement surveys can be valuable in uncovering which teams are engaged and which ones represent a challenge to winning.  A well thought through, customized survey built to purpose in a way that represents a brand’s mission and values can yield incredibly helpful insights at both a strategic level and at a local, tactical level. By contrast, traditional employee satisfaction and morale surveys tend to be long, unwieldy and difficult to connect back to the organizational mission.  Combine these shortcomings with slow reporting cycles and an over-emphasis on measurement versus follow-up and the limitations of traditional surveys begin to add up, including the ability to link efforts to tangible business outcomes.

The Solution

Our Employee Survey solution helps you take the pulse of your organization and find out how committed and engaged your employees are with their jobs and the company. Using advanced statistical analysis, Empathica’s path analytic modeling unearths the unique characteristics of Employee Engagement within your company. We will provide you with a breakdown location by location, profit centre by profit centre, to provide timely diagnostics of employee attachment levels throughout the enterprise.

Our employee surveys are designed for ease of implementation and analysis, and are custom designed both in content and in reporting for your organization’s requirements. Our approach is to integrate with your customer experience feedback program to create a powerful tool for analyzing organizational performance.

Empathica’s Employee Survey solution delivers measurable bottom line results by helping organizations:

  • Engage employees at all levels of the enterprise
  • Improve productivity
  • Decrease voluntary turnover
  • Improve workplace commitment
  • Link these improvements to definable business outcomes

Available survey methods include:

  • Multiple Mode Data Acquisition:  Combining IVR and Web for data collection has proven to be the most cost effective method of collecting survey data.  This multi-channel approach also consistently produces the most comprehensive results.  Employees can participate via Web, IVR or any mobile device.
  • Printed Invitation Cards: Full-color pre-printed cards can be distributed to employees.  These invitations act as a call to action to participate in the employee engagement program.  Each card can be printed with a unique 10-digit certificate code linking each invitation back to a specific location. Cards can also have QR codes printed on them, so that employees can scan and fill out surveys on their mobile phones, when convenient.