Employee WOW

The Challenge

The Opportunity

The most important part of any customer experience is the tone set by your employees.  An environment with staff that is enthusiastic and engaged can be the competitive edge for a winning brand.

Employees want to know they are doing a good job and are at their best when this is acknowledged by customers.  Increasing employee involvement creates a level of ownership for employees.   The result is a team that will go above and beyond for the success of the organization, its customers and themselves.  Positive feedback when staff delivers exceptional service is a great place to start to help foster engagement and create internal advocates.

Using new technology can help close the communication gap between employees, customers and your brand.   It’s a winning formula – employees that get rewarded when they are exceptional, customers that love their experience, and a team that strives for more each day.

The Solution

Empathica’s Employee WOW alerts help get the most impact out of great customer experiences.  These alerts notify the local manager of the great effort one of their team members has taken.  An email is sent to the manager with details describing what happened.  In this way, positive reinforcement encourages it to happen again.  Many of our clients will print and post these customized alerts in an area for other employees to view, thus reinforcing positive employee behavior and creating engagement.

Additional Resource

Customer Video from Z energy:  How Employee WOW can help your business

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