The Challenge

The Opportunity

Customer experience, employee engagement, and advocacy programs are never “one size fits all”.  To measurably impact the bottom line, these programs must take into account the unique demographics, markets and technology profiles of various customers and industries.  Effectively measuring, managing and improving your business through your customer experience and employee engagement initiatives requires a depth of expertise in what matters most to your customers and employees – and ensuring your CEM program supports these objectives.

The Solution

Empathica offers a highly trained professional services team with the expertise required to help you.  Our team of specialists can help build, manage, and improve your customer experience and employee engagement programs.

We offer a number of services to clients including:

  • Multi-Channel Experience Management – identify the critical “moments of truth” on the customer journey to ensure your brand focuses on the most impactful elements to influence the customer experience
  • Loyalty Modeling – identify the true “drivers of the drivers” for customer loyalty that will improve business performance
  • Marketing Insights – our team utilizes advanced multivariate statistical analyses to help you uncover the core elements of the experience that matter most to your customers – and the pathways to building loyalty
  • Strategic Reviews – we conduct regular in depth reviews of your program to ensure it is always evolving with the changing habits of your customers
  • Survey Design and Build – using our expertise in research and analytics we work with clients to develop a survey that captures the essence of your brand in the minds of your customers
  • Program Strategy and Services – our subject matter experts work directly with your team to develop a tailored program for your customer experience and employee engagement initiatives – and a roadmap to ensure your program is always aligned with your strategic objectives

At Empathica, we understand that it’s about more than just technology. We provide end to end solutions to improve your customer experience and employee engagement to help foster active brand advocacy.  We deliver tailored programs to best fit your business and your market. This ensures that you get the right solution to help you deliver on your brand promise. And it helps us on our mission at Empathica to make the world a better place where everyone can truly love where they work, shop and dine.