Customer Journey Mapping

Empathica’s capabilities during the discovery phase with a client involve Customer Journey Mapping. This process allows us to walk in our client’s customers shoes and understand the waypoints along the journey that may be encountered.  In addition to location visits, Empathica’s discovery process includes sitting down with typically two to three groups of 10-15 key front line stakeholders, including store/restaurant/branch owners, managers, and front line staff, to facilitate an understanding of the various “moments of truth” that are encountered by customers in their journey through a transaction with your brand.  To do this, we follow the chronology of a customer experience:

  • What is observed through the customers’ eyes (and nose, touch and ears!)?
  •  What emotive senses become involved at each functional stage of the visit, be they pleasure, expectation or impatience?

From the very beginning of a customer visit, starting from the outside looking in (the view from a parking lot, the street, or mall) all the way through to the end point of what is experienced as a customer leaves, we deepen our understanding of the important cues in the environment that build (or detract) from a great customer experience. The facility’s visual layout, the product and its positioning, the communication boards (be they aisle signs in grocery and shops, posters in a branch, or menu boards in a restaurant) and the experience touch points with people – all these are examined as potential key decision points for imposing brand standards and consistency in operations to ensure every visit is a perfect one.  With this knowledge in hand, Empathica’s approach “raises the game” above simple friendliness, convenience and value that are important to consumers. We help determine the magic moments that need to be built, managed and monitored to ensure a differentiated and compelling brand experience.