Loyalty Modeling

The Challenge

The Opportunity

Creating a consistent and satisfying customer experience is something that every brand hopes to achieve. But with managing across hundreds or thousands of locations, delivering this can be a challenge. Too frequently, market research studies only reveal the obvious drivers of satisfaction and fail to tell an actionable story of what elements of the experience require deeper understanding and attention.

The Solution

Where other’s curiosity ends, Empathica’s begins. We determine what the cues and  the supporting elements of the experience need to be in order to improve the brand.   Understanding the “drivers of the drivers” of customer loyalty enables brands to focus on what really matters to their customers – and by doing so, optimize their operations and training efforts to improve the customer experience across all locations.

Using advanced tools, surveys and our Structural Equation Modeling techniques, Empathica’s Loyalty Modeling solution can help you:

  • Map the customer experience journey
  • Identify the true drivers of customer loyalty that will improve business performance
  • Uncover the pathways to driving this loyalty
  • Determine their impact to maximize the ROI on your customer experience initiatives
  • Create a loyalty map so you can focus on driving loyalty for specific locations
  • Understand the differences in what drives loyalty across segments and occasions  – to ensure you can turn all customers into advocates for your brand

Empathica provides a consumer perspective of your brand experience, getting inside the minds of your customers to understand – and predict – what makes them choose your brand. The result is a holistic and highly-predictive model of what drives customer loyalty for your business.

Empathica’s comprehensive approach to Loyalty Modeling allows us to gather insights and “engineer” the customer experience from each important and differentiating touch point.