Marketing Insights

The Challenge

The Opportunity

Most companies have a lot of data about their customers. But few have the ability to meaningfully and consistently mine them for a deep and ongoing understanding of their customers’ perception of what differentiates their brand.  These customer views of what separates the brand are often where the biggest opportunities for business improvement lie. The benefits of understanding what drives customer loyalty – and the ability to link those drivers to business outcomes such as sales growth – are enormous, particularly in a challenging economy with increasing competition.

The Solution

Empathica’s marketing insights team can help you understand the “drivers of the drivers” of customer loyalty for your brand, followed by world leading data visualizations of the multivariate statistical analyses such that they can be readily understood and actioned by business executives.

Our marketing insights teams offer a number of services to clients:

  • Executive Value Mapping – interviews with key stakeholder to align goals/objectives for the program
  • Customer Journey Mapping – uncovering what constitutes the “perfect” customer experience
  • Structural Equation Modeling/Path Analyses – discovering the “drivers of the drivers” of customer loyalty
  • Linkage Analysis – statistical modeling of customer survey results to both employee engagement and to unit level sales outcomes

At Empathica, we believe that it’s not just about helping you generate responses from your customers and reporting on the results. It’s about providing greater clarity to your data, helping you discover the business opportunities that lie within to formulate the appropriate action to move your business forward.