Multi-channel Experience Management

Customer interactions with many brands are experienced over time and across multiple channels, not just single interaction points.  When many interactions occur over time (e.g., a major purchase, a bank loan or mortgage, etc.) it is important to be able to zero in on the key  “moments of truth” on the customer journey to determine which have the largest impact on perceptions of the brand. Understanding how the customer views their journey is critical to ensuring the best experiences occur at each stage that build loyalty and foster advocacy.

Empathica works with our clients to identify these critical “moments of truth” on the customer journey to enable the brand to focus on the key areas of influence for the customer experience. This enables brands to understand the components that go into a “perfect” journey in the minds of customers.

The multi-channel experience management process involves the development and understanding of the current customer journey and where during the customer experience the real moments of truth happen for the customer that frames their opinion. Discussions with senior management, field managers, location managers, and front line personnel help form the customer experience map.