Strategic Reviews

The Challenge

The Opportunity

Implementing a customer experience or employee engagement program isn’t just a one-time thing, nor a simple “survey and report” process.  To be effective, it is an ongoing change management process that needs to be effectively communicated, managed, and used as a rallying point for a clear focus on winning the hearts of customers.  Too many programs go stale, the results don’t improve, and it becomes just one more check list of obligations versus a culture changing initiative.

The Solution

The key to ensuring a program’s success is to periodically review progress and make course corrections as needed. This is why Empathica’s clients see value in conducting Strategic Reviews on a regular basis.

Our Strategic Review process consists of:

  • Program health vs. planned adoption
  • Program recommendations
  • Cross-sectional performance and variance analysis
  • Longitudinal performance and variance analysis
  • Business and segment opportunities
  • How your program is trending
  • Face-to-face and written presentations outlining the discussion of research methodologies, results and analytic findings which may include key driver analysis

We provide our clients with online reports that are automated and continuously updated, along with an Executive Summary Report of survey results and open discussions of key findings and potential courses of action.