Survey Design & Build

The Challenge

The Opportunity

It’s one thing to create functional surveys to collect customer feedback on the basics. It’s another thing to create surveys that allow you to get inside the hearts and minds of a brand’s customer base, to ensure that the actions of employees on the front line are consistent with the promise laid out by the brand.

Designing a survey is both an art and a science that, done well, produces invaluable  insights for all levels of the enterprise (front line staff, management, regional coaches, and head office executive champions) that can pave the way to creating a better customer experience for your brand.

The Solution

Survey design is one of Empathica’s core strengths, thanks to our advanced analytics and strength in research.   Rather than a “one size fits all” approach or a “we know best” approach, we first work with you to define your business success models, along with a customer journey map that will help us uncover the key “moments of truth” for your brand. We then implement our loyalty modeling study to determine the pathways to the drivers of loyalty. At Empathica, we create a survey that captures the value proposition of your brand “in action”.

Our modeling analysis can be performed on a variety of customer segments (defined by you), enabling a deeper understanding of the subtle differences of how each of these segments experience your brand and the important attributes that will help keep them loyal. Our system is also flexible when it comes to creating a localized user experience, allowing us to design surveys that are relevant to your brand within each region and take into account any cultural sensitivities or language requirements.

And to ensure that we capture as much data as possible, we provide a number of convenient channels for customers to provide feedback, including internet, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), text messaging, mobile optimized surveys, QR codes, e-panels, kiosks and outbound phone – all integrating seamlessly with your overall brand experience.