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We Believe that Everyone Deserves to Love Where they Work, Shop and Dine
Empathica empowers employees and customers of leading brands to create places they love; turning transactions into great experiences, employees into owners and customers into advocates.

Empathica’s unique experience in working with the world’s most respected multi-unit brands in the retail, food services, banking, petro and hospitality sectors ensures that we bring customer experience management best practice to our EMEA clients. We will deploy our skills and experience to ensure that your customers are motivated and incentivised to provide robust levels of feedback at every location, staff are fully engaged and enthusiastically embrace the programme “as their own” and the feedback we receive is brought to you with genuine business insights by our skilled Account Management Team.

Our bespoke Customer Experience Management programme has the robustness and power to engage your staff at all levels, turning insight into positive action, and attracts customers to your locations by mobilising advocacy in social media via GoRecommend. This unique patent-pending tool enables those customers that have a great experience with your brand to turn “intent to recommend”  into actual recommendations shared with their networks on Facebook, Twitter and via email.

Our Benefits

  • Our UK-based dedicated Account Team: working as a partner to you at both strategic and tactical levels, helping you to transform good experiences into great ones
  • Highly Advanced Customer Feedback Programmes: drive decision making and action at all levels of your organisation based on robust levels of real customer feedback
  • Model Your Customer Experience: using Advanced Loyalty Modelling to identify key drivers of customer loyalty to your brand and critically, the pathways to delivering those drivers
  • Drive Real-Time Survey Responses: an innovative solution that will drive real-time survey responses via the latest web, freephone, text and mobile technologies
  • A £400,000+ Sweepstakes Programme: help increase and maintain a high level of on-going response rates from all customer segments at no additional programme cost.
  • A Robust Reporting Site: an easily configurable reporting site, capable of hosting multiple hierarchies (e.g. location type, area, brand)
  • “Bespoke” Reporting: designed to drive focused action and positive change within your locations
  • Drill Down / Break Scores by Key Customer Segments: to look at any significant variation in scores, with possible ad-hoc analysis to investigate key questions


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  • Gary Topiol  |  Managing Director, International  |  Watch Video
  • Steve Raher  |  Business Development Director for International
  • Nan Russell  |  Head of Global Centre of Excellence  |  Birmingham, UK
  • James Bolle  |  Senior Director of Client Services for EMEA
  • Sue Hedaux  |  Customer Champion
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