How to leverage the new “Me Selling Proposition” in building Customer Loyalty

Posted on Friday, December 9th, 2011

According to the article “It’s All About Me”,  the advertising world has evolved substantially over the last few decades, first from looking for the “Unique Selling Proposition” to looking for an “Emotional Selling Proposition” in the 1980’s, to the latest incarnation, the “Me Selling Proposition”.

The latest generation of consumers grew up in an environment where everything can be personalized and many brands have dreamed up new ways to appeal to them. The article describes a very good example in Coca-Cola, who in Australia released 150 different cans, each with different popular name such as Jack, William, Isabella and Chloe. Needless to say, word of mouth led to the cans flying off the shelves!

Increasingly, advertisers are also banking on the “me-obsession” trend by leveraging the power of consumer recommendations and user-generated content. This marriage of social media and brand advocacy is the new channel for tapping into this “Me” power of advertising.

With the growing interest in social media, more and more consumers are now turning to this channel to research products prior to making a buying decision. Brands can leverage positive word of mouth even more than ever before and active advocacy has become a critical element for a brand’s success.

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