Make consumers fall back in love with your brand on Valentine’s Day

Posted on Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

Valentine’s Day,  known to some as the day of obligatory romantic gestures, is a time for consumers to celebrate romance. Many retailers jump on the chance to draw consumers in stores and capitalize on one of the most-celebrated holidays. But retailers — don’t get too excited yet! Just when you think you can expect to bring in big sales on Valentine’s day, this NRF survey suggests otherwise — spending on cupid’s big day is unlikely to budge from last year’s unromantic level. There is only a slight increase in expected sales this year with the average person planning to spend $130.97 on candy, cards, gifts and more, up from $126.03 last year. Total spending will reach $18.6 billion.

With rising competition, an abundance of choices, increased adoption of social media and consumers tightening their purses around Valentine’s Day, today’s consumers are not only selective when it comes to “where” they spend their money but also “how” they spend it. Consumers favor retailers that offer a multi-channel experience which allows them to interact via web, email, phone, social media and in-person. Prior to purchasing a Valentine’s Day gift, consumers are most likely to interact with a brand on multiple channels before they even step in the store to make a purchase – research on the website, read reviews about an item of interest and perhaps call the store to see if the item is in stock.

Once retailers make the multi-channel experience available to the consumers, it is equally important to offer a consistent and seamless buying experience. Every point of contact contributes to an overall customer experience so be sure to readily handle every customer’s need whether online, by phone or in-person.

With this Multi-channel Experience Management program in place, you can create an outstanding shopping experience for customers across all channels. What are those critical moments of truth that make your customer’s journey wonderful? Focus on those key areas of influence to create a perfect customer experience for your customers.

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