Walk in the shoes of your restaurant customers

Posted on Monday, December 3rd, 2012

This article from Restaurant Hospitality reports on a shift in the dine-out demographic due to the combination of the recession and a high unemployment rate. In particular the restaurant industry is seeing a decrease in millennial customers – young adults ages 18 to 34 – who used to be the most frequent restaurant visitors that the food services industry had always counted on to drive revenue.

In a time when the restaurant industry is losing a sizable clientele, it is more important than ever to provide exceptional customer experience. Competition between restaurants is stiff, as everyone is trying to compete for customers that have fewer discretionary dollars and will only spend them with brands that can offer a satisfying experience.

How do you ensure your customers enjoy their visit so much that they are keen to return? Walk through each step of their experience– starting from the outside looking in all the way through to the end point of what is experienced as a customer leaves. Customer journey mapping identifies the key moments of truth in the customer experience and highlight steps that are the most important to customer satisfaction so restaurants know to invest in those areas to attract and retain customers. For example, customers may not value restaurant decorations as much as the service they are provided with during the meal. Knowing what magic moments need to be built and managed will ensure a differentiated dining experience.

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