Why Automotive dealers should get on board with Social Media

Posted on Monday, December 17th, 2012

Traditional media used to be the primary resource consumers relied on when making purchase decisions but now it only has a fraction of the influence it once had. With the advent of social media, word of mouth has quickly become a primary factor when it comes to gathering information for auto purchase decisions. This article from discusses how social media platforms facilitate direct interaction between brands and car enthusiasts. The author suggests that auto brands need to leverage the power of social sharing and recommendations to gain insights into both their potential customers as well as their brand enthusiasts.

Although many other industries have embraced social media and integrated it as part of their marketing effort, the auto industry as a whole remains skeptical that social channels can actually be used to drive business. While many auto brands like to learn what customers are saying about their brands online, they are fearful that negative comments could ruin their reputation.

It is inevitable that customers will take their conversations online and share their experiences at the dealerships. What auto brands might be surprised to find is that a majority of these customers have positive impressions with brands and would not hesitate to provide positive feedback when asked.

GoRecommend is a solution that enables you to use current customer feedback to improve the brand experience at touchpoints throughout the customer journey. The concept is simple: ask customers about their experiences, identify those who are highly satisfied with the brand and likely to recommend it to friends and family, and then give them the immediate opportunity to do so in a seamless fashion via their social networks.

Forgo traditional advertising and embrace social media. Watch this two minute video to get a quick overview on active advocacy for your automotive business.

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