Starbucks doesn’t just sell coffee, it sells Experience

Posted on Friday, March 2nd, 2012 has listed top five executives to watch for in 2012 and it’s worth mentioning that Howard Schultz from Starbucks made the list. Howard Schultz, CEO and mastermind behind Starbucks’ astonishing success, transformed the brand from a little-known four-store chain to today’s leading retailer of specialty coffee in North America. The brand has gone through highs and lows but Starbucks continues to keep its promise to introduce new offerings to keep customers engaged and constantly evolving to stay competitive in the industry.

What drives customers to Starbucks is more than just the coffee – it’s the experience that comes with it. Starbucks is known for creating superior customer experience – from the interior design to the choice of music, from the greetings of the baristas to the freshly brewed coffee, every step is well-executed to ensure customers enjoy the experience.

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