Why you should impress your customers with superior Customer Experience during Thanksgiving

Posted on Thursday, November 24th, 2011

Thanksgiving is a special day for people to eat sumptuous home-cooked meals but for some people, it means hours of intensive labor spent on cooking and cleaning. As an alternative, dining out has become increasingly popular in recent years.

According to an article from National Restaurant Association, 14 million Americans are expected to visit a restaurant for a Thanksgiving meal this year, and an additional 16 million will use restaurant takeout to supplement a meal at their or someone else’s home. Moreover, restaurants are expected to experience a surge in business during Black Friday from 32 million American shoppers. New research indicates that convenience is the primary reason for making restaurants part of Thanksgiving celebrations.

Thanksgiving is a critical time for restaurant businesses. From the quality of the food to the level of customer experience delivered, every element can potentially make or break this special day for your restaurant. It is one of those special days that leaving customers with great impressions will benefit your business in the long run — with happy customers coming back again and again through repeat visits.

At Empathica, we believe every day of the year is critical to the success of a restaurant. Customers nowadays not only ask for high-quality food but also a great customer experience when they dine out — for each and every visit. It is especially important for restaurants to implement a CEM program because social media has become a powerful customer feedback tool — any negative feedback from customers can now be broadcast to hundreds and thousands of friends and family at one click of a button. A CEM program can ensure the consistency and the quality of the customer service that you deliver across all locations remains exceptional — especially for important occasions such as Thanksgiving.

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