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blog: Don’t Bank On The Weather – But Great Customer Experience Will Always Pay Off!

A recent report reveals many Brits consider eating out at a high-end restaurant an experience worth paying for and are as likely to save up for fine dining as for a holiday. This is good news for brands offering eating and drinking destinations and days out, who could well enjoy some positive outcome here.
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Family at restaurant

blog: New Strategies For Measuring And Increasing Staff Advocacy Are Key To Improving The NHS Patient Experience

Findings from the Friends and Family Test which was introduced last year, and recommendations from the Francis report that staff views could provide an important test of quality of care, has lead to a growing interest in the views of NHS staff on their organisation as a place to work and be treated.
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Medical team

blog: NHS Friends And Family Test One Year On – A Happy Birthday?

The calls to improve the experiences of NHS patients have shown no sign of quieting down since the Friends and Family Test (FFT) was launched a year ago, and it seems unlikely that anyone will be rolling out the cake and balloons for its first birthday. But the key question is, now that we are 12 months in, has the FFT had the intended positive effect of creating a patient-centred culture within the NHS and boosting patient satisfaction with the standard of care received?
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Happy 1st Birthday

blog: Going Beyond Omnichannel in the “Shoppertainment” Era

Omnichannel has become more than just a buzzword—it’s a reality for aggressive retailers interested in creating brand differentiation through a seamless shopping experience across all channels and touchpoints. As retailers all over the world sort through the organizational, operational, and technological challenges associated with the omnichannel experience, consumers add their own layer of complexity to the mix à la brand engagement and loyalty.
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blog: Six Ways Tablets Are Changing Restaurant Customer Experience

After selecting our restaurant of choice, we lined up, dreading the wait. As we made our way through the line-up, I was pleasantly surprised to see an employee of the fast food restaurant half way through taking orders on a wireless tablet. The goal was to take the orders in advance so when we reached the front of the line, all we had to do was pay and pick up our order. I was curious to see how well this would work with timing and order accuracy.
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Tablet at Restaurant

blog: Mum’s The Word: Tips To Create A Special Customer Experience This Mother’s Day

When it comes to Mother’s Day, people all over the world take the time to search for a special gift for the person who has played such an important role in their lives. While this day of love and appreciation may not be celebrated in exactly the same way or on the same dates around the world, one thing is certain: it is an opportunity for retailers to shine by delivering an unforgettable customer experience that keeps shoppers loyal and develops brand advocates, regardless of time of year or occasion.
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Happy Mother's Day
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