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blog: New Strategies For Measuring And Increasing Staff Advocacy Are Key To Improving The NHS Patient Experience

Findings from the Friends and Family Test which was introduced last year, and recommendations from the Francis report that staff views could provide an important test of quality of care, has lead to a growing interest in the views of NHS staff on their organisation as a place to work and be treated.
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blog: So, You’ve Collected Customer Feedback. Now What?

Today’s consumers are looking for more than an average customer experience. They are actively seeking out opportunities to build relationships with the brands that matter to them. In return, the best companies appreciate the importance of meeting customers’ service expectations. They also continuously look for new and innovative ways to better understand the experience they deliver.
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Target your customers.

blog: How to Engage & Motivate Staff Using Customer Feedback

Location managers have a lot to think about while on the job: inventory, shift scheduling, sales reports, hiring, training, filling in for missing staff responsibilities, and the list goes on. Amidst all of this, they must also find a way to make sure the true reason behind the location’s existence remains the top priority—the customer.
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Y Generation - how Employee Engagement CEM programs can help improve your labor force

blog: 4 Ways to Add Some Love to Your Customer Experience this Valentine’s Day

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, couples all over the world take the time to search for a special gift not only for their beloved, but for friends, coworkers, teachers and others that play an important role in their lives. While this day of love and appreciation may not be celebrated in the same way or on the same dates and times around the world, one thing is certain: it’s an opportunity for retailers to shine by delivering an unforgettable customer experience that keeps loyal shoppers and brand advocates in store, regardless of time of year or occasion.
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blog: 4 Ways to Add Some Love to Your Guest Experience this Valentine’s Da

Valentine’s Day falls slightly behind Mother’s Day as one of the busiest days of the year, with the National Restaurant Association (NRA) having estimated in previous years that as many as 70 million people will dine out on this day. This means that restaurateurs need to prepare as couples look to spend a quiet, romantic evening wining and dining each other.
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blog: How to Deliver Great Multi-Cultural Customer Experiences

How do companies expanding into international markets maintain their focus on putting the customer at the heart of the business across widely different markets? In the second part of my blog, I share some of the key lessons I have learned from over a decade spent working with leading global brands. Below are some critical tips for implementing a successful global Customer Experience Management (CEM) programme in any geography that will help your brand to ensure global consistency while addressing local customer needs.
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