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video: So What Exactly is Text Analytics?

Listen to Jason Dea, Director of Product Marketing, explain what Text Analytics and Natural Language Processing is.
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blog: Empathica Featured in About.com: Retail Trends to Watch in the Second Half of 2013

As we enter the second half of 2013 and beyond, it is becoming even more critical that retailers effectively leverage all sources of customer feedback, regardless of the source – whether it is through surveys, online forms, email, call centers, or social networking and online review sites – in order to truly understand the experiences they deliver and how to improve them.
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Social Media Sources

video: How does Empathica take the Customer Experience into account when it comes to product design and development?

Listen to Simon Palmer, Chief Technology Officer, speak about how Empathica takes the customer experience into account when it comes to product design and development.
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article: Retailers, stop blaming showrooming for your lost sales

Showrooming has been seen as a threat and a scapegoat for sales woes. This article suggests that contrary to the myth that showrooming is the lost sales, it actually isn’t. Read this article and learn the real reason why brick-and-mortar retailers lose sales to their online counterparts.
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Retail Sales Falling

whitepaper: Surveys + Social Feedback make a killer combination to drive action

In the second section of the whitepaper “Driving Action with Social Media Buzz – Food Services,” we discuss how unstructured feedback combined with scored data and text analytics gives a brand strategic perspective on how they are performing, where they may be able to improve and the direction their guests’ expectations may be headed.
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whitepaper: Recommendations for managing the Social Customer Experience

This section of the whitepaper “Social CEM: Moving Beyond Customer Loyalty to Customer Advocacy” outlines the recommendations to drive social customer experience success.
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