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The current state of Customer Experience Management (CEM)

This section of the whitepaper “Social CEM: Moving Beyond Customer Loyalty to Customer Advocacy” explores the current state of Customer Experience Management
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Social Media Circle

A Guest Experience worth sharing

One of the challenges that local restaurant managers have is that with the hustle and bustle of day to day operations it’s difficult to stay on top of staff to ensure they are doing all the little things that make a difference all the time. That’s where the action driving capabilities of today’s CEM solutions can come in to play.
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A guest experience worth sharing

Reflections on NRF and a look ahead to 2013

In this article, the Dr.Gary Edwards shares valuable takeaways from the National Retail Federation 2013 event and makes bold predictions for 2013.
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Scoring a great Customer Experience at your Superbowl party

Superbowl Sunday is one of the biggest nights of the year for the food services industry. There is help out there for restaurateurs who want to really capitalize on this opportunity to grow their customer base. The author recommends restaurants to have a customer experience management program in place to ensure a consistently great experience especially during the busiest times of year such as the Superbowl.
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How can Customer Experience Management transform your business?

This Empathica whitepaper, entitled “Social CEM: Moving Beyond Customer Loyalty to Customer Advocacy” explores the challenges brands face when it comes to developing an understanding of guest loyalty and advocacy in this socially connected world. The whitepaper further makes recommendations for brands to manage the Social Customer Experience.
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Opportunity Ahead to Transform Your Business

Catch your dissatisfied customers before they make a complaint

This article reveals several findings from 2012 Tork Report which concluded that 92 percent of U.S. consumers said they will complain about an unfavorable dining-out experience. Read this article from fastcasual.com and learn how to identify those dissatisfied customers and resolve the issues before they have a chance to make a complaint on social media
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Unfavorable Dining Experience