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Overcoming the Challenge of Delivering Great Multi-Cultural Customer Experiences

Consistent delivery of a great customer experience in a multi-market, multi-cultural environment is a multi-faceted challenge. The specifics that define a great customer experience vary by country; but universally, when customers are delighted, they increasingly return, become brand loyalists and tell their friends, colleagues and families
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Tips To Turn Christmas Shoppers Into Loyal Customers

With stories of Black Friday UK shopper mayhem all over the news closely followed by Cyber Monday, it’s clear the Christmas shopping season is well and truly upon us. Scores of customers are headed to your brick-and-mortar stores in search of great deals.
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Loyalty Cards: The Be All, End All for Customer Loyalty?

News this summer of Midwest supermarket chain, Jewel-Osco, dropping its loyalty card program created some significant waves and controversy. Many believe that loyalty card is the answer to driving customer advocacy but there are others ways for you to create customer advocacy without the use of it. Learn these tips on how you can drive customer advocacy without the heavy investment of a full loyalty program.
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Still Pushing Paper

Before you leap into the familiar with using paper questionnaires read the blog from Sue Hedaux about the five factors you should consider.
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Give Customers The Choice To Start Their Journey On One Channel And Finish It On Another

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Customers Think In Terms Of Journey, Not Touchpoints

Customers don’t have interactions with brand “touchpoints.” Rather, they embark on a journey with a brand where they have multiple interactions to achieve a specific goal. Learn these three important implications to becoming a customer journey organization.
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