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How your grocery business can survive in this competitive market

With grocers continuing to face ever increasing competitive pressure and encroachment from other retailers, the formula for success (or at least stay ahead of the game!) is to take advantage of new technology that enhances the shopping experience so that they can ultimately create customer experiences that deliver true differentiation.
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How top performers use outside expertise to improve Customer Experience quality

This Deep Dive analyst report explores the reasons for engaging outside resources with specialized expertise for help in improving customer experience quality and the benefits that Top Performers are realizing as a result. The report focuses, in particular, on the multi-unit retail and restaurant industry, on account of the high-touch nature of these businesses and the extent to which customer experience quality serves as a key source of competitive advantage.
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Some not so bold predictions for grocers in 2012

To kick off the new year I want to reflect on some of the emerging trends I expect to see in the grocery industry.
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Improving operations, with a social twist

Last month I had the good fortune to post on the Harvard Business Review blog network. In an article titled “Using Social Networks to Improve Operations” my colleague Mike Amos and I discuss how the programs for soliciting customer feedback have evolved from mystery shopping, to early customer experience management programs, through today’s more sophisticated experience management programs we’ve dubbed “Social CEM”. Social CEM programs go beyond simply measuring satisfaction and focus on turning delighted customers into active brand advocates on social media channels.
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The store operations experience

A grocery store’s product selection, level of customer service hours, and the range of services offered are all important factors to drive customer loyalty. However, opinions as to which factors are the most important elements of store operations vary by age group. So how can grocery retailers evolve and stay relevant to different age groups to build loyalty amongst younger customer without isolating their older, loyal customer base?
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The store technology experience for customers

Grocers are being challenged by an experiential fault line that divides their customer base – and this is particularly true with regard to their use of technology. The younger grocery shopper segment is eager for new technologies to support their shopping experiences and their comfort level with technology makes them open to advances in this area. But while younger shoppers may demand engagement and new experiences, those that have been loyal for years often resist change. So how can grocery retailers evolve and stay relevant during the transition and build loyalty and value amongst the young segment of shoppers without isolating their older, loyal customer base?
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Product Comparison
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