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The transformation of the Customer Experience

This section of the whitepaper “Social CEM: Moving Beyond Customer Loyalty to Customer Advocacy” discusses the shit in the customer experience driven by the consumer adoption of the social media.
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Game Changer Ahead

Keeping your restaurant guests loyal in a bad economy

An article from Restaurant News predicts that restaurant sales may dip in the months following the holidays. In order to stay competitive, restaurants must focus on the key drivers of customer loyalty and optimize operation and training efforts to improve the customer experience across all locations.
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Happy Couple at a Fast Food Restaurant

A Guest Experience worth sharing

One of the challenges that local restaurant managers have is that with the hustle and bustle of day to day operations it’s difficult to stay on top of staff to ensure they are doing all the little things that make a difference all the time. That’s where the action driving capabilities of today’s CEM solutions can come in to play.
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A guest experience worth sharing

The enemy of “great” Customer Experience is “good enough”

According to this article, only 3 % of the brands were ranked as “excellent” with the majority of the brands scored in the “very poor” to “OK” categories. The author outlines ten questions you should start asking yourself on how you can improve your restaurants’ customer experience
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Customer service checklist

How to create an uplifting Customer Experience in your restaurants

In this interview with the Globe and Mail, Ron Kaufman, the author of the New York Times bestseller Uplifting Service: The Proven Path to Delighting Your Customers reveals the secrets for restaurants to delivering uplifting customer service Learn these key takeaways to building an uplifting customer experience
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Uplifting Customer Service

A 3 step strategy for delivering exceptional hospitality experiences

Empathica EMEA’s Steve Raher gives his 3 step guide for serving up outstanding hospitality experiences
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Waiter Taking Restaurant Order