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Your customers may buy from you but would they vouch for you?

The importance of customer advocacy is amplified now that we’ve entered an era of communication that is different than just a few years ago. Learn how you can build loyalty in the world of social media.
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Customer Loyalty

What are the Challenges Facing Location Managers with Social Media Feedback?

Listen to Bruce Warren, Vice President of Marketing, speak about the challenges location managers in stores and restaurants face today.
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Are you ready for the truth? Time to tap into Customer Feedback on Social Media

Now brands can tap into social media and online review sites for insights that they otherwise wouldn’t gain from any other type of input but the challenge is to cut through all the noise to find out what’s most important to your customers. How do you pinpoint actionable opportunities from customer comments and social media feedback?
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What are some trends in Customer Feedback and how is this changing Customer Experience Management?

Listen to Dr. Gary Edwards, Chief Customer Officer, reveal some trends in customer feedback and how these trends are changing Customer Experi

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What drives your dealership business? Recommendations!

Survey results from J.D.Power find that millennials listen to their friends when it comes to choosing a dealer. Word of mouth is now the best ad – how do you leverage this cost-effective way to build a loyal following and reach new customers?
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Automotive and Advocacy

Why Combine Solicited and Unsolicited Customer Feedback?

Listen to Jason Dea, Director of Product Marketing, answer the question of why it is important to combine both solicited and unsolicited feedback to improve the customer experience.
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Jason Dea - Structured and Unstructured Customer Feedback